==Chracter Description

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Personal Info
Name Misaka Mikoto
Birthday January 1, 2008
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 5"0
Weight 123
Eyes pale blue
Hair whitish blue
Unusual Features Her unusual big claymore
Occupation High School Dropout
Family Elder Sister
Player Profile
Display Name Zero
Epithet White Fang
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online

New Aincrad

Affiliation Saito
Partner Saito
Status Active
Unique Weapon Wolf's Tear


Name: Zero (Out of game: Misaka Mikoto

Gender: Female

Age: 15



Misaka was always ranked #1 in her class and never score lower, she was always quiet and kept to her self. She hated her elder sister for making her goto school. "Whats the point." She would always say, and her sister would always reply "I really don't care. Its not my choice." Misaka then dropped out of high school in her junior year and got a job at the age of 14. Her sister was very dissapointed with her, but she didn't mind at all.She started homeschooling herself, and with the money she got from her job, she started to play a variety of MMO's and became an addict, when she heard of SAO she jumped at the chance. When she heard she was trapped...she smiled. "Maybe I can make a new life here...Midori...." She then ventured into SAO slaying monsters and getting the name the 'White Wolf'. As she was walking the 45th floor she met Mizuki and they hit it off badly, even though she was quiet and to herself she always bickered with Mizuki comically, they were best friends. One dayshe was mobbing by herself and then was ambushed and killed in game, but her NerveGear malfunctioned, and she woke up in real life." I'll be here...waiting....waiting for you come home." SHe enters the game again in New Aincrad with the same outfit. She is a leprachaun there.

==Skills and Abilites

Detection Agility Reaction Speed White Fang Buster Sword
987 / 1000
888 / 1000