Tsumi is a character created by Chocoboeater1 on the SAO RP forum. One of many of the players that reside in the VRMMORPG Sword Art Online.


--------------------------------------------------------------------> How she looks.

Personality: Edit

She often seems cold and distant from everyone around her. Although her attitude towards everyone makes her out to be mean or rude, in truth she is actually a gentle soul who's only goal is to survive life. Treats others horribly and is not willing to listen to anyone. Though her true self is a giddy little girl who only wants friends. She often has trouble making any though. Edit

She also has issues with conversations, often sounding a lot more cold and mean then she intends to. While she may sound that way, it's just her way of being bad at making friends.

Background: Edit

Details aren't important in this young girls life. So real life wont be mentioned at all in this Bio:

Aincrad Arc: Edit

Personal Info
Name Nannami Tsuykio
Kanji ?
Romanji ?
Birthday Unknown
Age 14
Gender Female
Height 5'5
Weight 98 LB
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Unusual Features She has Red eyes.
Place of Residence Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Marital Status Unknown
Family Unknown
Player Profile
Display Name Tsumi
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online.

Gun Gale Online

Occupation Solo'er
Previous Occupation Unknown
Affiliation Loner
Previous Affiliation Loner
Partner Syphon
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Anywhere
Status Alive
Primary Skill Draw
Unique Skill Unknown
Unique Weapon Ethereal Katana


Equipment and Items: Edit

Starter Equipment and Items: Edit

  • Katana
  • Throwing Knife
  • Mask
  • Cloak
  • Index Crystal

Later weapons and Items: Edit

  • Elamitreal Katana
  • Blasturous Jacket
  • Heart Pendant
  • Dark Red Ribbon
  • Ethereal Katana
  • Blade of Su

Skills and Abilities: Edit

Sword Art Online Floor 75: Edit

  • Level: 96
  • HP: 19,500
System Advantage Parry Detection Hiding Listening
873 / 1000
900 / 1000
945 / 1000
Acrobatics Sprint Battle Healing Katana Blade Throwing
947 / 1000
923 / 1000

Sword Skills:

  • Slash- A simple slash of the sword in an already drawn state. Has a brief cooldown timer.
  • Sword Draw- Sword Skill activated when the sword is still sheathed. Almost exactly like slash.
  • Taichi Draw- Like Sword Draw, except another slash is added onto the attack.
  • Horizontal Slash- Self-explain
  • Vertical Slash- Self-Explain
  • Square Leap- A dangerous 5 hit sword skill, where the play strikes the target in a square shape, and launches the target in the air. Small cooldown timer.
  • Double Tap- Two sharp jabs forward. 10 second cool-down.
  • Henzen Slash- A light-speed slash of the blade, capable of killing mobs in one hit.
  • Speed Draw- Draw the sword at an extremely fast speed, and sheath without moving.
  • Chiban Double Slash- Double Slash with a twist: One uppercut slash then a vertical slash.
  • Double Slash- Self-Explain
  • Demon Blade- 8 hit pentagram shape slash. 40 seconds cool down
  • Finishing Touch- If a mob (Only mobs) has HP in the Critical zone, this sword skill has a 50% chance of killing it instantly.
  • Circular Edge. An attack where the player jumps in a Circular form and slashes the target twice.
  • Movement Thrust- A heavy attack thrust, with knock back.
  • Height Bomber- Must already be in the air. Ascend upon a target with great speed, and thrust through them.
  • Assassinate- One hit sword skill. If the mob has 50% or less HP, this has an 100% chance of one hit KO'ing it.
  • Draw- A high speed draw that is impossible to see, can combo with slash.
  • Outside System Skill:
  • Draw: Disables the speed limit on drawing blades.

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