A rare shield dropped by the elite Thorn Beetle Soldier that guards the Spider-Beast of the 62nd floor labyrinth. It is given to Cobalt. Later, he attaches a dragon tooth to the middle.


The Thorn Shield is a circular rough monster hide shield. The tough hide is supported by a metal piece underneath. Sixteen different five inch spikes protrude from the edge. A single thick nine inch dragon tooth comes out from the circle's center. These different spikes deal heavy damage and can leave a bleeding effect behind. Alec uses this shield with great efficiency when attacking and blocking.


Thorn Shield +0 Shield / One-Hand

  • Range: Short
  • Type: Block and Bash
  • Defense: 580-610
    End game spiked shield

    Thorn Shield

  • Durability: 1852
  • Weight: 171
  • Requires: 52

Equip +51
Defense +78
Strength +49
Armor +62

Estimated Dimensions

  • Shield Diameter: 61.72 cm = 24.3" inches