An elite monster that guards the Spider-Beast boss within the 62nd floor labyrinth. It was from this creature that Cobalt acquired the Thorn Shield.


Thorn Beetle Queen

Thorn Beetle Soldier

This ugly bug is colored varying shades of brown and sickly yellow. A spiny bottle abdomen juts out from a central throrax. Three pairs of legs skitter on the ground as this six feet tall monster moves. Its head has a huge spike over top of beady red eyes. A pair of pincers attach on to the sides of its body. It makes a strange screeching sound as it moves.


While it does not have specific sword skills, this beetle is surprisingly quick. It charges straight at its opponents to impale them. If it gets close enough, it will swipe out with its claws and attempt to crush and rip whatever it gets a hold of. One fighting one on one, this monster is rather easy to beat. However, the bug does not travel alone. A large pack follows it around wherever it goes. Thus, it is a tough monster to beat due to the numerous other creatures that back it up.