The Servants of Beezlebub

Their symbol


This guild was made up of 4 people. They each had a specific part that held it up: Warrior, Acrobat and Identifier, Builder and Blacksmith, and Thief and Informat. These four were fast friends, and they were lead by The King of the Demons. The others were The Warrior Princess, the Builder of All, and The Golden Shadow. These were all nicknames, but they had to do with their classes. They are no longer active.


  1. Kuya
    • Nickname- The King of Demons
    • Job- Acrobat, Identifier
  2. Angel
    • Nickname- The Warrior Princess
    • Job- Warrior
  3. Bargah
    • Nickname- The Builder of All
    • Job- Builder, Blacksmith
  4. Leo
    • Nickname- The Golden Shadow
    • Job- Thief, Informant

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