Tenma or Densha in game, is one of the characters form the VRMMORPG Knightmare Online. He is a gunsman and also pilots the 36-D Moondust. He is part of the Regalian Battalion and is ranked 3rd in the game, giving him the epithet The Striker. This name is given to the pilot with the most attack speed. He becomes friends with Saito also known in SAO as the Steel Samurai. He is very content with the Moondust its archetype Demo. 

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Personal Info
Name Tenma Sasakibe
Birthday March 20, 2009
Age 14 (Knightmare Arc)
Gender Male
Height 5"6
Weight 154
Eyes Brownish Red
Hair Brownish Red
Place of Residence Hokkaido
Occupation High School Student
Player Profile
Display Name Densha
Epithet The Striker
VRMMORPGs Played Knightmare Online
Occupation Marksman and Mechad Pilot
Partner Miko-Miko

Darren Kizami

Status Active
Unique Skill Blassreiter
Unique Weapon Mechad: Moondust

Character DescriptionEdit

Name: Densha (Out of game: Tenma Sasakibe)

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Appearance: He has dark brownish red hair and dark brown eyes. He looks the same in game, he usually wheres a loose white short sleeve button up shirt with blue jeans and red shoes. When he pilots the Moondust he  has a white and black space tight suit. People always thinks he gels his hair until they touch it and find tht its real. Many girls love him for that.


Skills and EquipmentEdit