A sword forged by Lisbeth, this weapon is wielded by Cobalt. He had requested for a decently light but sharp short sword. Lisbeth in turn asked for some light-weight S-class metals. After about a week of farming, Cobalt had gotten one small chunk of metal. Luckily, Lisbeth's smithing ability was high enough to create him a weapon. The result was the Tempered Sword.


The Tempered Sword is a dull silver weapon. It looks rather plain and simple, but is actually quite deadly when used by the right person. A pointed blade attaches to a curved crossguard. That piece is connected to a round cylindrical handle with a pointed pommel. An extra later of grip surrounds the hilt and allows for better hold and quicker strikes. 


Tempered Sword +0 Short Sword / One-Hand

  • Range: Short

    Tempered Blade

  • Type: Slash
  • Attack: 650-685
  • Durability: 1568
  • Weight: 161
  • Requires: 52

Equip +53
Defense +65
Strength +58
Armor +42

Estimated Dimensions

  • Handle Length: 18.03 cm = 7.1" inches
  • Blade Length: 65.86 cm = 2' feet 1.93" inches