This dungeon is located on the 62nd floor. It was here that the Guardians were trapped. They nearly lost several members in this high level dungeon.


625 max

Location and appearance of the dungeon

The outward appearance of this dungeon represents that of a temple. The walls are of a sandy color with various red pennants waving from the top of its towers. An open entrance leads into the first room of the dungeon. All in all, the structure is very Arabic and Middle Eastern.


The location of this dungeon was discovered by Yumi and Histrio. They had gone out on a scouting mission when the temple was found. Gathering the guild, Sho and Raiden agree on exploring it. The guild make it past the first two rooms with relative ease, dismantling traps as they go. Unfortunately, Yumi accidentally trips an extremely high level trap and turns the entire dungeon into a crystal nullification area, locks down the entrances and sets the mobs to high alert. Before the panic could set in, Sho calls an impromptu meeting. He explains the situation and gives the guild his thoughts. To get out, they would have to complete the dungeon, killing whatever boss sat at its center. Having a bit more calm, the guild wanders deeper into the maze.

Craziness insues when trap after trap is activated even with the team's high level of detection and trap finding. A new sense of fear sets in as the Guardians start to loose hope. After an entire day and night spent in the dungeon, the group finds the boss room. Entering, they see the two bosses, Pluto and Anubis. They fight the boss with great vigor but are greatly outclassed and outnumbered. Things get worse when Yumi, KanaShiiho and Histrio get knocked down and lowered to around 30% health. Angered, Sho rushes forwards and kills Anubis in a one on one battle. Afterwards, he, along with Raiden and Cobalt take on Pluto. They kill the boss and despawn all the mobs. The dungeon unlocks and the team escapes with their lives. Valuable lessons were learned on that day and various emotional feelings were revealed. It was a trying time for the guild.


Undead Legionnaires

Undead Centurions

Undead Praetors

Undead Slaves

Undead Slave Drivers

Undead Egyptian Troop Commanders