Personal Info
Name Surigane
Player Profile

(Give a quick little description of Suri here)


(Part I) Touya has black hair with dark hair and dark eyes. He wears a grey sweatshirt with a dark grey undershirt. (Part II) Suri is slightly taller now, he has blind eyes(Cut out on Floor 85) and he now wears a white collared shirt with standard SAO pants.


(Put his personality) When need be, Suri can be serious. He is very competitive. He is stubborn and hates to be wrong. He is also very logical and always knows what to say. He is strong but doesn't act like a jock. Suri can be suicidal to save who he cares about.


(Put his background up to the point in which he puts on the NerveGear) Suri was born in Tokyo, Japan. He had two older brothers that taught him how to fight, because his father died when Suri was three. Once Suri went to school, he exelled in all classes. He's kind of an Einstien-In the sense that he was very smart- and finishes school at 12. He moves out at 13 with his friend, Asumi Oza. However, they have a falling out when Suri buys SAO. She is angry he spent money on that. He wants to go back to the RW to say sorry to her.

Equipment and ItemsEdit

(List starter items and any other items he gets later on) Raitorubi and Koirubi (Knives) Familiar fox named Riuo Grey sweatshirt Teleport Crystal x1 Throwing needles x15


(List skills) Swirling Blade (Knives turn to long swords and glow red) Sonic Leap (He jumps up and slams his knives down on the monster)