Striking Blades (印象的なブレード, Inshō-tekina burēdo) - is a canon/fanon series created by XDenshaX on FanFiction.Net as well as on Wattpad.Com. The story revolves around young Satoru Narita, a teenager trapped within the world of Sword Art Online. The story follows his struggle to redeem his freedom from the deadly trap Kayaba Akihiko has sprung.



Aincrad Arc

Warzone Arc


Main ProtagonistsEdit

  1. Saito (Satoru Narita )
  2. Ren (Reiha Takagi )
  3. Garost
  4. Queene (Maiko Narita)

Remnants of LightEdit

  1. Kirie
  2. Trinity
  3. Holi
  4. Calder
  5. Jyun
  6. Irene
  7. Tamashi
  8. Lilith
  9. Skies
  10. Ryuna
  11. Violet

Main AntagonistsEdit

  1. Kayaba Akihiko

Rising PhoenixEdit

  1. Grimoire
  2. Noir
  3. Collena 
  4. Pargod

Laughing CoffinEdit

  1. Thanatos
  2. Akuma
  3. Atlas
  4. Sky

Secondary CharactersEdit

  1. Eri Narita
  2. Seya Narita
  3. Trisha (Trisha Hansen)

Reoccuring CharactersEdit

Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying GamesEdit

Sword Art OnlineEdit

Inclement OnlineEdit

ALfheim OnlineEdit

Musical ThemesEdit

  1. Aincrad Arc Opening Theme - ELECT (kradness ver.)
  2. Aincrad Arc Ending Theme - Intently (reol ver. feat. ill.bell,nqrse)
  3. Warzone Arc Opening Theme - DOGS (96Neko/reol ver.)
  4. Warzone Arc Ending Theme - Red Purge (reol ver.)
  5. Fairy Tale Arc Opening Theme - Mono Poisoner (reol ver.)
  6. Fairy Tale Arc Ending Theme - Drop Pop Candy (reol ver.)

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