The Strike Witches, or more commonly known during the nighttime as the MIdnight Exiles, are a five person guild, quite small and compact. They're made up of only girls and are known for they're aggression and perseverance on th frontlines. However, at night, this guild is also known for it's tenacity and precision in crime busting. They're able to move quickly and deal with the various thefts and attempt killings that go on throughout Aincrad. They're a guild of two colors. Black and White, Witches and Exiles. 


First AppearanceEdit


Guild FocusEdit


Name Position Sub-Position Status
Lucina Leader and Vanguard Leader of Midnight Exiles Active
Valerie Sub-Leader and Support Leader of Strike Witches Active
Ayano Spearman and Support Support and Scout Active
Hikari Duelist and Vanguard  Vanguard and  Active
Sayuki Vanguard and Forward Thief and Scout Active


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