Solaris the AdelphiEdit

Solaris is a Bird type boss. It was actually basd off odf the design from the pokemon Ho-oh . Its specialty is fire which was said to be harnessed from the hate that it was born with. It is the floor 57 boss and will not hesitate to kill the player. It is relentless and menacing. Saito was able to recieve its boss drop the Scarf of Solaris after the R*O*L defeated it. The boss stands on top of the Golden Temple on Floor 54.

Ho oh used sacred fire by syrabi-d4nrrrb

Solaris using his special move. Ring of Fire.


Solaris usually uses fire based skills. It does however fight with its claws and will use the force of its wings to fly you off of the Tower if your not careful

Ring of Fire: Its starting attack, it produces a ring of fire around the players and itself. Anyone who walks through or tries to jump over will either have a burn and (DoT) Damage over time, or if there for awhile will lose their hp and shatter

Gust: It uses its wings to produce a powerful sharp blast of wind that if the player is caught off guard, can fly them over the edge and down the temple to their deaths.

Flaming Winds: It does the smae thing as Gust, except the wind now has sparks and cinders mixed in.

Flaring Rush: It coats it self in flames and rushes the enemy, spinning wildly.