The First Gate
Personal Info
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Player Profile
Display Name Seira
Kanji 清蘭
Romanji Seirah
Epithet The First Gate

Royal Vanguard

VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Dualist Striker
Affiliation Rising Phoenix
Partner ????
Base of Operations Floor 10 - Thousand SNake Castle

Floor 1 - Town of Beginnings (currently)

Status Active
Primary Skill Twin Swords

Seira (清蘭, Seira) is one of Hyperions Royal Vanguard and one of the four sub-heads of Rising Phoenix's Flame Guard. She is a lax and lazy leader, but one that is dedicated to her job and her guild's cause. She also has a deep respect for Grimoire and Hyperion, as well as a good amount of respect for her comrades and teammates. 




Equipment and ItemsEdit




Sword Art Online (Floor 75)

  • Level: ???
  • HP: ???



Twin SwordsEdit

  • Diagonal Duo – (2-hit combo) Two simple diagonal slashes with the swords.
  • Long Stabs – (2-hit combo) Two simple stabbing attacks with the point of the swords.
  • Serrated Xs – (3-hit combo) Using the swords, two X-slashes are done followed by a third lunging stab at the opponent's stomach
  • Cyclone Cycle – (4-hit combo) Holding the swords out, the user steps and rotates around and around like a cyclone. Deals high damage and rotates quickly but leaves the user Dizzy afterwards.
  • Rushing Launch – (5-hit combo) User sprints forwards to perform two slashes before sidestepping and sending two vertical attacks. The last attack is charged for 1 second and slashes upwards with the capability of sending the enemy into the air.



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