SAOR symbol
Sword Art Online's first band
Guild Info
Name SAOR (Pronounced Soar)
Kanji 舞い上がる
Romanji saor
Epithet The Bards

The Most Musical guild in SAO

VRMMORPGs Sword Art Online

Alfheim Online

Gun Gale Online

Founder Rosana
Main Focus Musical Performances
Allies Remnants of Light

Knights of the Blood Oath

Status Active
«SAOR» or Soar, is the first band ever in Sword Art Online. They're known for they're musical appeal to the populace of Aincrad and love to entertain they're fans with feel good music, or light music if you will. The guild is also a part-time clearing guild, not as high ranking as the Remnants of Light or the Guardians, they still make time out of they're day to visit the frontlines every now and then and help out those who need it.

First AppearanceEdit

They're first appearance is actually at the Harvest Festival back on Floor 30, they made they're debut that night to open up the festival and ever since then have been a major hit with the population of Aincrad. They made they're first combat appearance in the Floor 55 boss fight, shown to be able to handle themselves in the field as well as on stage. The group of four are one of Sword Art Online's top female players.


The guild does not have a base for they are nomads, moving from place to place. Though they usually vacation at the ROL's guild base, the two guilds very close, especially with Peace Corps since the two basically work hand in hand. However that is one of the things that happen in this guild. Usually on "tour" per say, they're always moving and don't have time to settle down permanently.

Guild FocusEdit

SAOR is actually a band more so than a guild. They're known for they're high Musical Instrument skills, actually having the highest in the game, they're nicknames are the Bards. They're usually messaged when a request for them to perform is mentioned and have posters on the walls and bulletin boards of various floors. Once they're done with one show, they usually have to travel up or down to another to perform there as well. However, they love they're fans and don't mind to sacrifice most of they're day for them.

As stated above however, SAOR is also faintly renowned for they're clearing, usually doing so on they're own, they help out with players that need it in the field and can handle themselves if threatened alone or in a group. They work along with the Peace Corps to keep the people of Aincrad in they're right minds. SAOR's main focus, just like the ROL is to keep people faithful in they're skills and hopeful for the future.



Position Sub-position Status
Rosana Leader and Founder Lead Guitarist/Vocalist Active
Kristen Member Bassist/Backup Vocalist Active
Charlene Member Rhythm Guitarist Active
Hayley  Member Drummer Active
Name Position Sub-Position Status
Rosana Leader and Founder Lead Guitarist/Vocalist Active
Kristen Member Bassist Active
Charlene Member Rhythm Guitarist Active
Hayley Member Drummer Active
Garen Member Pianist/Backup Vocalist Active
Clyde Member Backup Bassist Active


  • They're the first purely music based guild in the game.
  • Charlene is Satoru's classmate in real life.
  • The guild was actually requested by Charlene.
  • This guild is the first in SAO to have all it's members require the Musical Instrument skill

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