Ryu james ushima


Blood red messy hair, red eyes, tanned skin. He is wearing desert like clothing, with a brown leather fingerless gloves. When out of SAO he has blood red hair, red eyes, he can usually be seen wearing a hoodie with dark blue jeans, white sneakers, and a bandaid over his nose. In real life he's permanently in a wheel chair, due to an accident when he was seven.


When he was seven he was in an car accident that crippled him permanently. He can never walk again due to the drunk driver who ran into the car he was in. He is permanently stuck in the wheel chair no mater when he tried to get out of it when he first was crippled he kept falling down. He then discovers the nerve gear and it changed his life he was able to walk again in the games they released. When SAO came out when he was sixteen he was so happy that he, his younger brother Yui, and his older sister all got into it together for his sake. Then they were trapped and he decided to help people get it out by creating the guild dark souls. When his brother died it influenced him more to help people in need.

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