These are the rules created by the admin of the IRLSAO Wikia,  if anyone has any problems or concerns that they'd like to bring up with these rules, please talk to XDenshaX


Welcome all to the In-Real Life Sword Art Online (IRLSAO) Wiki. This is the place where you will be able to publish your own fiction or artwork of the Sword Art Online Universe. This includes Floors, Mobs, Skills, Quests, Bosses, and yes, the mos timportant, the Players. This wiki was actually started from the largest forum on FanFiction.Net.  XDenshaX.However, with every great power, comes great responsibility, or what we like to call rules. 

Rules and RegulationsEdit

  1. Be creative! Seriously, don't be afraid to take a bold (But also sensible) leap in a certain direction. Post something intriguing and try to make it exciting. 
  2. Be civil to those around you on the wiki. Basically, do not be overly wild and eccentric on the comments under the different wiki pages. 
  3. No personal comments. Do not tell a user that his or her page is horrible or anything of the sorts. If they did something wrong then simply correct them and show them how to fix it without the sharp jabs. 
  4. Use the preview button; it helps prevents edit conflicts and mistakes.
  5. No video game images that show off graphics. These should be saved for video game fanon wikis—here, they appear out of place and rather off-putting to some users, so it would be wise to just use anime and manga images instead. As long as it looks 2-D and not offensive, obviously, it is perfectly fine.
  6. No editing other people's work without their explicit permission. You do, however, have the right to fix minor grammatical/spelling mistakes/canon errors in an article. However, if the author complains, the situation will be looked into.
  7. As the policy has always been since the start, the use of live action (i.e. real world) images in articles of any kind is prohibited here. Such images will be immediately removed from articles and swiftly deleted after a warning. 
  8. Any blatant ignoring of the administrators' warnings will be punished with a block from editing.

(More to come, check frequently)