Rin Okamoto, also known as Ronin, is the sister to Kyoko Okamoto, and is usually seen as the opposite of her sister, balancing out the more somber sister with happiness and cheerfulness.

She is a supporting OC created by the user Carbon839 in the Sword Art Online RP.


Rin stands at around 155 cm and weighs around 59 kg, making her seem a little smaller than Kyoko, her older sister.  Her hair is a dark blue color, long in length, which matches her eye color of blue.  Standing side to side, Kyoko and Rin do not look like sisters- that is, of course, you're ignoring the fact that they have similar physical features.  She has a scar going over her lip on the left side, which is really the only blemish on her face.

Her armor is a set of light, skin-tight leather armor, which she bought from the 1st Floor sometime after the Death Game was initiated.  Her armor has a dark blue tint, though it's not too noticeable at a distance, making it seem black.


Rin is almost the polar opposite of Kyoko, which really confuses people as they are sisters.  She is almost always happy and cheerful, and can never be brought down from her endless amounts of happiness.  Overall, she is a very lovable person

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