This extra skill increases the player's eyesight greatly. It being an upgrade to the Searching skill, Recon basically doubles the distance the user can see vividly. Jumping from 30 yards ahead with the normal Searching skill, to 120 yards in front. This skill will allow the player to easily spot players using Hiding skills as advanced as Incognito as well. Though they would have to actually be looking in the player's direction to spot them.

Recon, when dealing with a group of people, color codes the different types of players and AI's in game. NPC's being blue in color, Green Players are green, Orange Players are orange, Loot, Treasure Chests, etc are violet, and mobs are red. This allows for easy pinpointing of different people or things of interest.

This skill also greatly enhances Night Vision, giving the player crisp clear vision in dark areas. Though the vision works as a flashlight does. You do not get the full picture unless you are looking in that general direction. If not, you will not pick up anything from the desired area, unless you've activated Detection as well. One last feature this skill has, is the ability called «Remain Sight». This allows for the user, after the skill is put in cooldown, to highlight a person in Hiding or any desired player, item, or NPC. The highlighted thing, whatever it might be, will stay highlighted for 60 seconds, allowing for the player an alloted amount of time to act.


This skill will become available after the Floor 30 quest «Seek and Ye Shall Find». When the quest is finished, the player needs to have the Searching, Night Vision, and Tracking skills in they're arsenal or else they will not recieve anything but expierience. However if they have those three skills, they will then be replaced by the Recon skill slot leaving space for possible others of the user's choice to be implemented in their place.

Known UsersEdit

  1. Saito
  2. Lilith
  3. Irene
  4. Jyun
  5. Miki
  6. Skies