This rare demonic sword was dropped by Anubis on floor 62 in the Swirling Sands Dungeon to Sho . Later, it is handed down to Layla. At a later date, she upgrades it to +45.

The sword's special ability allows it to give a temporary damage buff. When this occurs, the eyes of the demon on the sword glows a sickly red. Red smoke begins to leak from its mouth and an eerie light emanates from it.


A legendary drop, this sword features a snarling demon as its crossguard and rainguard. Both of these parts are blackish-silver. The demon's face sits in the middle with two singular claws reaching out to the side. Frill-like structures come out beneath the demon's face and stretch out on to the blade. The hilt of the weapon is also blackish-silver. It is rounded so that it can comfortably sit in a person's hand. The pommel has a triple claw surrounding an orb. Finally, the blade is white with a groove running down its middle.


Reaper's Claw +0 Short Sword / One-Hand

  • Range: Short

    Reaper's Claw

  • Type: Slash and stab
  • Attack: 630-680
  • Durability: 1598
  • Weight: 152
  • Requires: 53

Equip +56
Agility +52
Strength +31

Estimated Dimensions

  • Handle Length: 18.29 cm = 7.2" inches
  • Blade Length: 67.18 cm = 2' feet 2.45" inches