Pec in SAO
Personal Info
Name Charles Makato
Romanji Makato Charles
Birthday December 30, 2001
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 6"0
Weight 178
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Brown
Place of Residence Valden
Occupation Bartender/Accountant
Family Foster Mother and Brother
Player Profile
Display Name Peccator
Romanji Peccator
Epithet Two handed Axmen
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online

ALfheim Online

Occupation Remnants of Light
Affiliation Remnants of Light
Partner Saito

Remnants of Light

Previous Partner Saito
Base of Operations Floor 45 - Valden
Status Active
Primary Skill Axe Smash
Unique Skill Whirlwind
Unique Weapon Two handed Smithe


Name : Charles Makato or Charlie (in-game name: Peccator)

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Appearance: Pec (タク ツ, Pec) has long shoulder length brown hair adding with a burgundy jacket over top and tan pants with burgandy knee boots. When level 30 gets the Remnants of Light black waist length coat green cargo pants and black boots,

Personality: He's very protective over his friends and caring to anybody that is in need of help. He is also very laidback and loves nature. He plays cards on his spare time.

Bio: He was orphaned as a child and grew up on the streets until he was 13. He was then adopted by a mother and her 7 yer old son. He left his new home for college 5 years later thanking his mom and brother for everything they've done for him. Now he's 21 in his last year of college. He bought the NerveGear and SAO with most of his money. Now he's trapped in the game, but still enjoys life. He is the Co-founder of the Remnants of Light

Character Class: (Ranger, Mage, Tamer, Warrior, Craftsman, Thief, Spellsword, etc.): Axmen

Weapons: (Limit of 5.): One handed Double-edged axe. When level 40 gets Double Axe skill and is able to wield two axes simutaneously.

Sword Skills(Includes Magic, Melee, and Support):

One handed Axe Skills

  • Axe Smash: The user's axe glows a bright yellow and it smashes down on the oppenent, it usually leaves a stun affect</li></li>
  • Whirlwind: The user swings his mace around his body</li></li>
  • Extended Weight Limit - Increases inventory size and weight capacity.</li>

    Normal Skills


  • Tracking - Raises effectiveness when hunting monsters. Can be used to run down a player whose name is known by displaying their footprints from a certain amount of time. Greater mastery of this skill will allow the user to see the newly made footprints of nearby «Hiding» players.</li>
      • Equipment Appraisal - The ability to identify the Maker, Style, Damage Level/Defense Level, Name, 
      • Enchantments and Durability of a piece of equipment. The higher levels give more information.
      • Tools Appraisal - The ability to identify the Maker, Style, Damage Level/Defense Level, Name, Enchantments and Durability of a weapon. The higher levels give more information.
    Double handed Axe Skills
      • Downard Smash: The user spins his axes around in a downward fashion, smashing down on their opponent
      • Double Throw: The user chucks both of their axes at the enemy, the axes glow a bright red. The longer the range, the slower they get though.
      • Connection: The user connects the ends of the two axes to make a seemingly double headed axe staff.
      • Endure: The player brings both axes in front of their face in an x formation, the axe's glow green and the user is able to withstand any skill for the first 3 hits, it also works if the user is on his last percentage of health.
      • Demolition: The player unleashes a barrage of 9 strikes on the opponent, using an uppercut on the last strike. The blades glow a bright orange for the skill

    Starter equipment/items(These are the things that you possess at the beginning of the game.): One handed one edged axe and three potions.

    {Early Armor}

    |Normal Sword Art Online beginner attire|


  • SAO Top Piece [Red]</li></li>
  • SAO Bottom Piece [Brown]</li></li>
  • SAO Gloves [Black]</li></li>
  • SAO Shoes [Black]</li>

    |Level 40 attire|


  • Dragonic Calico Top Piece [Red]</li></li>
  • Dragonic Calico Bottom Piece [Red]</li></li>
  • Dragonic Calico Gloves [Black]</li></li>
  • Dragonic Calico Shoes [Red]</li>

    {End Game Armor}

    |Custom Made Set|


  • R*O*L Top Piece [Black with red striped down right side]</li></li>
  • R*O*L Bottom Piece [Black]</li></li>
  • R*O*L Gloves [Black]</li></li>
  • R*O*L Shoes [Black</li>

    {Early Weapons}

    |Blunt headed Axe|: Level 1-20

    |Double Egded Crasher|: Level 20-40

    |Dragon's Claws|:Level 40-End Game


      • When Protecting the Guild: While Saito's gone, I'm in charge, stay close until I say so.
      • When hanging out with the Guild:  "Haha yea yea"

    ​"Hey I want some!!!"

    "Don't touch my hair!!!" 

    "Hahaha you guys."

      • When in battle: "Don't give me that crap, come at me."

    ​"Heh, your pretty funny for a deadman."

    "Left Formation guys." </li>

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