Name: Gin Minato (Real Life) Mina (Game Name)

Blondes uniforms katana feathers yellow eyes anime anime girls silver hair original character 160 15
Personal Info
Name Gin Minato
Age 16
Gender Female
Eyes Yellow
Hair White
Occupation High School Student
Family Saeki: Sister

Ayaki: Brother

Player Profile
Display Name Mina
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Partner Aki
Previous Partner Saeki

Gender: Female

Appearance: Mina has bright yellow cat eyes. She is about 5'8". Mina began the game with a silver tunic and black pants. She wore a beige vest with black gloves. Her boots were also a silver color. Eventually around Floor 10, she will be with her sister with a silver skirt with a transparent silver cloth covering her right eye. Her gloves are silver with bits of black. Her boots are long but silver-ish black.(her sister is her role model.) The cloth she has on Floor 3. For now, she wears black pants, a silver shirt with a black vest underneath a black cloak.

Personality: Mina is the exact opposite of Saeki even at 16, which is Mina's age, Saeki wasn't as happy and cheery like her. But, ever since their brother died, she ditched her sister and needed time to think and fight to survive by herself. She is courageous, curious and sometimes can be stubborn.

Bio: Mina, in the real world, loved to get into fights and loves MMO games. She even beta tested the game Sword Art Online. Once they got together in the finished game, they stook together and each wore a special bracelet. Mina's was silver, their brother, Ayaki's was green and Saeki's was light blue. She continues to wear it even after the death of Ayaki and after the seperation between her and Saeki. Every night she cries on a pillow and blames herself for Ayaki's death.

Character Class: (Ranger, Mage, Tamer, Warrior, Craftsman, Thief, Spellsword, etc.) Tamer

Weapons: (Limit of 5.) Iron Sword, Throwing Knives, "Grim Tales" Blade, Ender's Sword

Sword Skills(Includes Magic, Melee, and Support):

  • Death's Plight: Releases a charge of dark energy from the user and strikes with first the back of the sword and then the front multiple times.
  • Silver Flame Storm: Engulfs the enemy in what appears to be a flaming storm of silver, scorching the enemy.
  • Alpha Touch: Speeds up the player and allows them to jump high in the air and extends the sword to penetrate deep within the skull.

Starter equipment/items(These are the things that you possess at the beginning of the game.): bronze sword, 5 lock picks, 3 health potions, 1 warp crystal