Maho is #4 of Seven special wolves given to four different players in SAO by a man named Wryth who found them and handed them to Dan Basaka who then gave six of them away. Maho is just as strong as Kuya and loves to float around, surprisingly she hates running and floats almost everywhere she goes. 

Wolf or Dog Base by emo x loss


When she becomes an adult she stands at 5'5" and can be very protective around its master when it senses something bad is happening. Maho can turn into a human form due the fact that she's a familiar. Maho thinks that Kuya is her guardian and is very protective of Kuya and Synnel.  To her thats her real family. she is also very protective of any of her master's friends. Since her master is Kuya she takes on traits of him making her a comedic and windy wolf pup with him she has the same comedic attitude when in battle she's the same outside battle and is a very kind person/pup around people.


  • Human skills
    1. Bluster Smackdown- She does a 6-hit combo of quick flicks of her fans that create razor winds
    2. Razor Fan- Turns the edge of the fan away from Maho into a sharp metal edge for basic combat.
    3. Micro-Whirlwind- Throws fan with Razor Fan equipped to make a disc in mid air that she can control with wind currents.
  • Animal Skills
    1. Tail Gale- She whips her tail creating a strong gust of wind.
    2. Storm Claw- Creates mini tornado with the swipe of her paw.
  • Both Forms
    1. Levitate- creates large updraft that can lift a human or animal off the fround in her desired direction.