Fire RunesEdit

Seya's Fire Runes are the most used out of all of them. She usually uses them for close range but the can be utilized for anything, even traps. She can use her fire runes on any part of her body, she mostly likes it on her fists though.

  • Seya's most powerful Fire rune circle: Radiant Sun
  • Seya's basic Rune Circle: Flame Geyser
  • Basic Rune Circle: Fireball

Fireball: Basic Fireball rune, she shoots out a mid

Flame Geyser: She puts her hands to the floor and 

Radiant Sun: She puts her hands in front of her as a red magic circle appears, she 

Ice RunesEdit

Seya isn't very fond of ice type runes, but will use them if neccassary, she usually only utilizes them when she's in a bad situation or when she needs support. She will however use them to their full extent

Lightning RunesEdit

Lightning runes are another of Seya's favorites, she usually uses them for flying type monsters or when she's using her speed runes, its very effective for her because she loves to get in close and personal in a duel or mob fight, but even when she has to long-range a move, her lighting runes always come in handy

Storm RunesEdit

Storm runes were developed when she trained with Raika. She was able to utilize the wind around her and convert it into a solid rune. She usually doesn't use these runes at all. They're a last resort, partly because of they're destructive force, and because it takes up so much mana to summon just one rune. After a while though, as she gets higher in level, she is able to send out these runes in things called Storm Bullets.

Storm Bullets: 

Level 1: Seya points her finger in a gun fashion at the target and a small magic circle appears sending out speeding gusts of wind at the opponent. They explode on impact

Level 2: Seya uses her whole hand and the magic circle gets bigger, the bullets become small vortexes that also explode on impact

Level 3: Seya uses both hands by putting her fist in her palm and can either send out a small tornado or or a huge vortex that sucks up

Leo (ALO)Edit


Leo's ALO form

Leo's ALO form is more advanced than his SAO version. As you can see, his clothes differ from his old ones as he is now wearing a suit. His additude becomes more "human" like, but he only will communicate with Seya. His skill set is completely different in New Aincrad and he gains a sort of intelligence of his surroundings, he and Seya are atill a duo, in fact, they're stronger than ever.