Personal Info
Name Kayla Turner
Romanji Turner Kayla
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Weight 119
Eyes Deep Blue
Hair Light Blonde
Place of Residence Chiba District - Japan
Occupation High School Student
Family Richard Turner (Father)

Karlee Turner (Mother) Sisters


Player Profile
Display Name Kayla
Romanji Kayla
Epithet The Golden Ace
VRMMORPGs Played ALfheim Online

Gun Gale Online

Occupation Puca (ALO)

Marksman (GGO)

Affiliation Saito

Remnants of Light

Partner Saito
Status Active
Primary Skill Music Magic

One-handed Rapier

Sound Resonance/Discord

Unique Weapon Harmony Rapier
Kayla Turner (ケーラ, Kayla) is a character created by "Blanky567" On FanFiction.Net. She is a main character of the ALfheim Online. Her ALO avatar is a blonde haired Puca. Kayla is a very outgoing, very smart, and sly female. She is also a jump first question later type of girl. Kayla is the kind of girl who would teach you how to swim by pushing you in the water. "Just do it" a motto that describes Kayla well. She is in a relationship with Saito


Real WorldEditEdit

Kayla turner stands around 5' 3". She has long and smooth blonde hair that goes to her waist. It's pretty easy to see that she takes great care of it. Her eyes are a light blue and they often show the joy that her personality often reflects. Although she isn't tall, she has a nice curved but slender build for a girl of her age, nothing too above average. All in all she looks rather healthy; her muscles are tone from her physical activity she occupies herself with. With all things considered, Kayla could be considered quite pretty and cute, but not overly beautiful to where she could be stuck in a magazine

ALfheim OnlineEditEdit

Kayla's in-game appearance doesn't different much from her real life appearance. She has the same color hair and eyes as well as having the same build. The only major difference if her clothing which is a mix of black tights, white boots, and a glimmering blue shirt and of course, her Puca wings.


Kayla is a very bright person. She has a very upbeat and social personality, having no trouble with socializing with other people, although, she may be considered annoying to some with how much she talks and converses with others. (That's not to say she doesn't know when to be quite). It wouldn't be surprising to seeing her talking with anyone that walked up to her, trying to quickly become friends. Also, Kayla is mostly, slow to anger. Instead, she holds her emotions back that she views as negative, keeping them to herself. (Sadly, this often leads to emotion explosions later on)…On a different note, Kayla has a great love of cooking and music. She aspires to be a world renowned chef after high school and college! You can often find her cooking in her spare time, or simply reading up on cooking.


Kayla is a natural born American. Growing up in a mostly American family, Kayla grew up a relatively normal girl. She is a member of her high school's cheer squad and quite the social butterfly. Kayla had many friends but strived for more. Having higher grades, Kayla applied to be a foreign exchange student to Japan…

Equipment and ItemsEditEdit

Starter Equipment and ItemsEditEdit

  1. Basic Harp
  2. Basic Rapier

Later WeaponsEditEdit

  1. Harp of Ophelia's Song
  2. Harmony Rapier

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