This extra skill is a final upgrade to the Stealth extra skill. Based off of the Assassin's Creed series, this skill implements one of the highest boosts to unseen and unheard movement. Giving higher stats than Stealth and Hiding combined, this skill also uses the "Blend" system inside Assassin's Creed. What this does is boost the stealth stat while in the middle of a group of people, NPCs, neutral mobs, tall grass and within the leafy branches of trees. The user does not stand out. Rather, he sort of fades to the background and his armor along with his weapons turn into a bland color, camouflaging him within the group. The more the people, the higher the boost. The eyes of players also will not pick out anything different for the person in Incognito will not look any more different from other players. Of course, the best way to do that is to dress in less conspicuous clothes or in clothes that match the surroundings. Skills such as Searching, Detection, Listening, and Radar Lock get marred and the person fades out of the detection zone, rendering the skills useless. Their presence will be crowded out by the other people that they is hiding with or by the grass and leaves that they hide within. NPCs and mobs will also have an extremely hard time finding an person using this skill.

Only an extra skill used for detection like Eagle Sense or Recon can be used to pick out an Incognito player. This is due to the color highlighting of these two skills. However, even then, the larger the crowd that a person with Incognito is in, the greater their stealth boost becomes. Thus, with a large enough crowd, they will effectively blend out and become invisible even to the highest leveled extra detection skill. Eyesight will not work either depending on clothing.


A player must've maxed the Stealth extra skill. The person must also have completed «Flickering Shadow», a quest given to those who max the Stealth extra skill.


  1. Sho
  2. Yumi
  3. Miyuki
  4. Layla
  5. Shiiho
  6. Histrio
  7. Jack
  8. Magnus
  9. Kiyoko
  10. Koori