Background Edit





Virtual Reality ExperienceEdit

Heavily upgraded environments displayed in real-time and with an unlimited detail engine. Object scarring is permanent. More than just a player-versus player battleground. Inclement Online pushes the limits of a virtual reality's capabilities. This allows you experience fatigue, hunger, and battle as they would feel and appear in the real world. What makes it truly unique is it's unlimited amount of NPC true AIs that occupy the world.


A strong gravitational pull of the planet's atmosphere caught a colony ship on it's way from Earth after it fell to pollution and an eternal conflict that ended far too late. Several of these massive ships were sent into warp-space with no particular destination for a thousand years... which was the ideal life for the warp reactor before it loses power. Their occupants were in stasis modules filled with a nasty goo that allows the human body to adapt to whatever new environment they found themselves in. This ship in particular crash-landed on a planet that would come to be called 'Inclement'. It's star grants not much warmth the humans who increased molecular density by three times, when compared to earth. The planet's air, although breathable had a high oxygen content and was a difficult thing to adjust to. The first occupants to exit ESS-Star Haven froze immediately. Finally, the massive ship is now being dismantled and was use to create Star Haven City as we know it now, of course - with each piece that comes off, more stasis pods are being revealed and more people are being released into the world. As of now, pod-cracking has been backed up and will take (presumably) Seven years to finish.

Global SettingEdit

An entire planet, three times the size of earth.

Seasons and WeatherEdit

Harsh and cold during the night, all year round. During the day, the ice melts, revealing new caves and dungeons... but be wary - the dungeons can refreeze and you may have to look for a new exit.

Physical SurroundingsEdit

The ship crash into a ring of mountains, creating a natural barrier from the cold - for what it's worth. But otherwise the entire planet is rock and ice - a perfect battleground for the three main factions of this pure world.

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