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This wikia is dedicated to the promotion and roleplaying of several forums across the Sword Art Online universe. Here you will find information on things relating to the worldwide franchise. You can also view the varieties of players, items, bosses, and relationships within the expansive fanon world this forum has created. We hope this wiki is easy to use, interesting and helps you better understand the current events that are happening in our very own forums. If you have any questions, please message the Admins of this wikia. Thank you and enjoy your visit!

Sword Art Online

The Sword Art Online roleplaying forum, the largest active SAO forum on Fanfiction, is a place where fans of this anime can come and join the fight to liberate Aincrad. The floating castle in the sky, created by Kayaba Akihiko, has trapped 10,000 players and left them to survive on their own devices. Death in game means death in real life, driving the point home as approximately 300 players died within the first three or four weeks. The dread of danger is always hanging over the heads of those who wander the floors of Aincrad. In this roleplaying forum, create your own OC and explore the floors of Aincrad. Go on quests, unlock skills, and join guilds. Everyone is needed if all 100 floors are to be cleared and the end boss is to be defeated.

ALfheim Online

Gun Gale Online


- XDenshaX

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