(Give a quick little description of Hayba here)

Hayba has a dragon scale cloak with silver lining. He has brown cargo pants. He has dirty blonde hair that is dominately brown. His eyes are also deep brown. On the other half of the game, he would have the same clothing. But he would have sneak increasing shoes and speed increasing gloves.

Devious and Comical, Hates being alone, Loves animals, Impulsive

Born in Tokyo w/ only his mother and father. Hayba grew up a high-middle class only child. He has always had a love for tech and practies coding regularly. He has a job coding for website creators. Hayba has followed the release date for SAO since it was announced. He used the saved money from his job to buy SAO.

Polar bear familiar, 12 throwing knives, dragon scale cloak, cargo pants, speed increasing gloves, noise muffling boots, Dansu no umi, Dansu no umi double bladed

Flying fury(Throws blades at sonic speeds) Shadow shot(Moves silently and quickly while throwing blades) Deep sea wave(slices, sending out blue wave of energy

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