Ren Hayate
Ren Profile Pic
"Pffft. Who needs plans anyways?"
Personal Info
Name Ren Hayate
Age (Start of SAO)17

(ALO) 19

Gender Male
Height 5"10
Weight 145 lbs
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Unusual Features Lame left leg
Occupation Knight

Guild Member of

Marital Status Dating Axsrah
Family Koji-Cousin


Player Profile
Display Name Ren


Occupation Knight

Guild Member of

Previous Occupation Solo'er
Affiliation Kana

Koji Asxrah Ryu

Partner Asxrah
Previous Partner Koji


Status Alive
Primary Skill Vorpal Strike


Bright red messy hair with green eyes and freckles. He has a wiry build and stands at about 5"10. There's a small scar on a cheek that he got from when he was a kid. There is one thing that is notable though, he walks with a slight limp in his left leg. In the game, Ren wears a metal chest plate over a dark blue tunic and black pants tucked into boots. When not in combat, he carries the shield on a sling on his back and his sword at his side.

Later on Ren will exchange his Starter outfit for a dark brown coat, a red sleeveless shirt, and brown pants. His hair also grows longer and is kept back in a low ponytail.


Relatively cheerful and fun loving. Unfortuantely, he can be a bit reckless and accident prone. He's more of a 'act now, think later' kind of person which can put him in pretty risky situations at time. Because of his handicap, Ren often gets a lot of looks, but it doesn't bother him much anymore. Even though he's 17 he acts like a little kid most of them time, but he's always there for his partners, Kana and Koji. He enjoys challenges and likes to make the leveling up a game between him and Kana, although she doesn't participate much.

As he progress through the game with his family and meets Asxrah and the others, a sort of wall forms between him and Kana. Any sort of communication between them is cut off soon after her joins the guild. He still talks to Koji regurally. And even though she isn't talking to him, Ren promises to always look out for Kana. In the meantime he spends most of his time training with anyone who wants to, or having a litte fun around the town.


Ren grew up in an average home. He had his mom, dad, little brother, and the household pet. As a young kid though, he was in a fatal car accident that crushed his leg. While he was still able to walk, the doctors said that he would have a limp for the rest of his life. He grew up living next door to his cousins, Kana and Koji. While they were from the same family, they had different interests. Ren was into video games, something he never out grew as he got older. He convinces Koji to play with him most of the time, but Kana had always refused. But then SAO came out. Ren begged, pleaded, and even attempted to bribe the girl to play with him, and even after she said no for the umpteenth time he bought the game for her along with a copy for him and Koji. 

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