Haruha is part of a quest called <<Leaf Claw>> where Sophia had to find a Kitten abandoned by her mother when she did find it, it tried to steal some bread but Sophia hugged it before it could get the food, it imprinted on her and once it grew up slightly it became her familiar it then was somehow able to turn into a human form.


Personal Info
Name Haruha
Kanji スプリングリーフ
Romanji Haruha
Birthday 16/07/1990
Age 23
Gender female
Height 5'8"
Weight 76kg
Eyes Light Green
Hair Teal Green
Unusual Features Her eyes and hair
Place of Residence Kobe, Japan
Occupation Familiar
Marital Status Single
Family Sophia Naginata
Player Profile
Display Name Haruha
Kanji スプリングリーフ
Romanji Haruha
Epithet The Spring Leaf
Occupation Familiar
Previous Occupation Pet
Affiliation The Crescent planets
Previous Affiliation Knights Of Blood
Partner Sophia Naginata
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Verity Lake
Status Active
Primary Skill Embracer
Unique Skill Thorn Launch
Unique Weapon Leaf Knives


Haruha Cat Form

Haruha's Animal form

In her Cat form she has green ears and a green tail, her fur colour is lavender purple with pink paw pads

In her Human form She has teal green hair covering her right eye with a small ponytail, she has green ears and a dark green tail, she has a moon earing, She has a small satchel to hold her knives, She has Dark blue metal gloves to protect her hands, She has a dark blue Cheongsam and Dark Blue Uniform pants, she has a dark green robe above her shirt and pants she has dark green shoulder plates, she shows her right canice tooth

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Toge Taigaa: Haruha's specially designed knives infused with leaves, the handle is dark green with ancient writing on them saying "The Leaves Will Protect"
  • Rapier

Leaf Fang: (only in Feline form) Haruha's fangs turn teal green and then she charges forward at the opponent which stuns them or knocks them far away 

Thorn Launch: (in both forms) Haruha puts her Paws/hands on the ground making the ground slant launching her in the air then she throws her knives at the opponent 

Leaf Blade:(Human Form Only) Haruha's knives lengthen into a short sword and start glowing sea green, Thorns wrap the opponents legs making stuck in place

Rose Whip:(Feline Form only) Haruha's tail glows light red she then starts slashing opponents joints forcing them to the ground in to range of Leaf Fang 

Puncturing Strike:(Human form only) Haruha's knives glow lime green and she throws up to 4 knives at the opponent's joints 


  • Even though she is a cat she loves swimming in both forms 
  • She loves drinking cinnamon and camomile tea 
  • She lives in a small tree house near Sophia's guild base

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