'Life sucks, but, hey, at least it's not Hell.'

Fang is a character made by Hibiko on and resides in the Sword Art Online universe.

Dominic Waterson

Fang Real Life

Fang ALO

Personal Info
Name Dominic Waterson
Kanji ドミニク Waterson
Romanji Dominiku Waterson
Birthday June 26th 2007
Age 15 (SAO)

17 (ALO)

Gender Male
Height 6'1
Eyes Bright blue
Hair Black
Unusual Features His eyes are strangely very bright.
Marital Status Boyfriend and In-Game Husband of Amaya (SAO/ALO)
Family None (Orphan)
Player Profile
Display Name Fang
Romanji Kiba
Epithet Bright Flame


VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online

ALfheim Online

Gun Gale Online

Occupation Hand-To-Hand Fighter
Affiliation Dark Souls
Partner Barukan (Legendary Erupting Rage Dragon)
Previous Partner None (Solo)
Status Active
Primary Skill Uppercut
Unique Skill Odayakana Rage Mode
Unique Weapon X-Gloves


Sword Art OnlineEdit

He has spiky black hair, somehow bright blue eyes and is around 6'0 in terms of height. At the start of SAO, he wears a black shirt with blue outlines covered by the starting armor chest piece, brown troussers and black combat boots. After he reaches Floor 6, he decides to go within the fighter route and wears a leather armor with black trousers, black trousers and brown boots along with a set of black fighting gloves with bright red outlines, a metal plate on his right forearm in order to parry effectively in case of danger, a blue-ish silver belt containing his other weapons and a single blue shoulder pad on right shoulder.

After he gets Barukan on Floor 45, he dies his hair in dark pink and uses eye lens to change his eye color to red, which marks him in a crowd pretty quickly.

However, he never said he wanted to be stealthy.

Real Life after Sword Art OnlineEdit

Dom has spiky black hair, bright blue eyes and is now standing at the height of around 6'4. He normally wears a blue vest, black pants and black shoes along with a silver bracelet and an expensive looking watch. For some time, he had the idea of dyeing his hair in blue, but has not done it since then.

ALfhiem OnlineEdit

In the world of ALfheim Online, his avatar, the Salamander Fang, has mid-long red hair and bright orange eyes. Since he is still using his fists to fight, he wears a light dark-red leather armor over a red shirt, black shoulder pads, black gloves with bright red outlines, a silver belt, dark red combat pants and brown leather boots.


Sword Art OnlineEdit

He is a friendly, but anti-social boy who would rather stay away from people as much as possible due to his disease. Being affected by Scyzophrenia, he has another part of him that he is able to see and talk with, Mod, which is basically his fighter side that likes to intimidate people......which mostly means that he's often beating Fang up, literally. When he does, Fang cannot see it like it, but the people around him is looking at someone who is punching himself. That is why he fears society, since he does not want to be ridiculed by the others. Having no hope for Mod to leave him alone, he secluded himself into a Soloer, almost farming all day long in order to prevent this other personality to intimidate him, which is also fearing death as much as him since the deathgame started. Lately, he had noticed Mod has changed for the better, starting to act more like a trainer then a him. He was the one who helped him get the skill Odayakana Rage Mode by suggesting Fang to resist the anger effect of the original skill, Rage.

After Ryu became a PKer and he rose up to Guild Leader of the Dark Souls, he became 

more serious in his job, but also way more friendly and social to everyone with his trademark word Heh at almost every end of his sentences. He also started to use his alternate personality in combat as well, using his original one for Odayakana Rage Mode while he lets Mod take control of Rage. Since he began to do this, he is now much calmer in battle.

Real Life after Sword Art OnlineEdit

After the end of SAO, he decided to meet up with more people and break out of his nervous shell while his second personality, Mod, became a little more friendly and he stopped intimidating him. Although he still fears being bullied, he will now resist.


A long time ago, before Blake had to go to Japan with his family and the events of SAO started, the two children were best friends, always playing together in their city, in Canada. When Blake left for Japan, he was expecting to see him come back soon........but he never did. After noticing that his best friend never came back, he realised that Blake was actually the only person that he was able to socialise with in the Real World with him not having any other friends other then him. Being ridiculed by the others for his dumb-like appearance that never stopped until he attained the age of 12 when he looked like a normal boy like the others, a burning hatred began to grow him for school and he stole a plane ticket before fleeing to Japan, never returning back to this gruesome and depressing world. Although, Japan was even worse now that he had no home. Being put in an orphanage, he was treated as a no-parent kid or a delinquent even though he wasn't even one. Then he discovered video games and the Online World of gaming, probably the only place he ever got accepted in his life. As SAO got out, he quickly bought it......only to regret it even more as his hatred finally took the form of a real personality and became Mod, created by the shock of the young boy. Ever since then, he tries to resist it as much as possible and pass the game quickly, joining the frontliners almost immediately.

After he got back from SAO and found Blake back, he still remained a schizophrenic boy and Mod was still there. He also remained an orphan and was installed in the SAO Survivor School, even though he hated school like it was hell itself. Luckily, he noticed that there was almost no bullying in there and that he was respected like a normal person, so he continued his studies normally. Of course, after so much time being connected to the Online World, he soon found out about ALfheim Online. Happy, he dashed for it, hoping that it would benefit a better experience for him.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit


Strange special gloves that Fang has found on Floor 6, which was the reason why he changed his fighting style to Hand-to-Hand Fighter. It is a set of a pair of black gloves with bright red outlines while having a blue crystal encrusted on the top of it. The fingertips and the wrist part of the gloves are white. 

X-Gloves Version V R

One of Fang's X-Gloves

The gloves were also the ones who allowed Fang to unlock the skill Fighter's Flame.

2. Shredding Stiletto

Simple dagger that Fang had bought and keeps on him as a secondary weapon in case he lost his gloves or is in a situation where he can't use them as weapons.

Sword Skills (SAO)Edit

Free BoxingEdit

  • Light Cross/Jab - (1-hit strike) A light punch to the opponent's face.
  • Uppercut - (1-hit strike) An uppercut to the foe's chin.
  • Force Away - (1-hit strike) The player jumps and kicks both feet out into the opponent's chest to push her self away or to cause damage.
  • Full Buster - (1-hit strike) Replaces Embracer. After mimicking a pointy figure with its hand, the caster's arm quickly speeds up toward the target and hits with brutal force, producing heavy Bleed.
  • Ligament Shred - (1-hit strike) A mid-level skill that imbues power into user's claw-hands. He then grips the enemy's joints and rips, causing bleed and disabling the limbs.
  • Hammer Grab - (1-hit strike) The player quickly grabs around the opponent's neck with both hands before bringing them into a harsh knee to the face. Can cause heavy Stun.
  • Back-fist - (1-hit strike) A basic back-fist.
  • Flying Sparrow - (1-hit strike) A flying back-kick.
  • Heavy Punch - (1-hit strike) A basic heavy punch.
  • Flash Punch - (1-hit strike) A basic fast punch.
  • Low Kick - (1-hit strike) Kicks at the opponent's legs, shins, or calves.
  • Balance Check - (1-hit strike) The player swiftly kicks the opponent's leg with power to knock its opponent off balance or mess with their lower defense.
  • Quick Kick - (1-hit strike) A quick and light kick used to set up other Free Boxing skills.
  • Flying Knee - (1-hit strike) The fighter jumps and sends a knee to the side of the opponent's head. Can be easily blocked or deflected.
  • Twist Punch - (1-hit strike) A mid-level punch with piercing power.
  • Heavy Cross - (1-hit strike) A heavy hitting punch that can inflict a Stun.
  • Heavy Round - (1-hit strike) A predictable, but powerful roundhouse kick that has the ability to inflict Dizziness and Stun.
  • Axe Crush - (1-hit strike) A heavy axe kick to the opponent's head. Can cause Stun or Daze.
  • Crescent Strike - (1-hit strike) The user whips their foot out in a feint a mid-level roundhouse kick, before striking the opponent's head with a high-roundhouse.
  • Straight Side - (1-hit strike) The player sends a completely straight side kick to their opponent's chin. This has the ability to completely knock out its opponent, but this is rarely ever happening.
  • One Two- (2-hit combo) The player stomps forwards and sends two hook punches to the opponent's face. One to the left, the next to the right.
  • Hook Smash - (2-hit combo) A basic hook punch followed by a sidekick that pushes the opponent away. The punch can cause somewhat Dizziness.
  • Heavy Flash - (2-hit combo) A combo that incorporates the heavy and the flash punch.
  • Heavy Twist - (2-hit combo) A piercing combo that sets up first with the heavy and then the twist punch.
  • Uppercut Smash - (2-hit combo) A harsh uppercut followed by the user sharply whipping their foot across to hook kick the user in the face. Can induce Stun and/or Dizziness.
  • Heavy Flashing Twist - (3-hit combo) A combo combining the heavy, flash and twist punch.
  • Cyclone - (3-hit combo) The player sends a roundhouse to the opponent's face before jumping and twirling in the process before whipping its other foot across to strike the same area. When it lands, it brings its back foot for a finishing hook kick.
  • Double Heavy - (4-hit combo) A combo that strikes twice with two fists, hitting simultaneously to induce a knock-back.
  • Quadruple Flash - (4-hit combo) A series of highly quick punches, boosted by a dash forwards.
  • Quadruple Twist - (4-hit combo) Four twisting punches with increased piercing power each consecutive punch.
  • Rising Uppercut - (5-hit combo) Starts with right punch to the face, followed by left strike. Then jabs right and left to the side of the stomach. Finally, finishes

by throwing an uppercut.

  • Bouncing Flash - (5-hit combo) Hopping around lightly, the user acts like a boxer and weaves through attacks, scoring rapid hits on the enemy.
  • Pummel - (5-hit combo) Punches twice before attempting to trip the enemy. If it works, he follows up and beats their face in. If it doesn't work, he contends with hitting their stomachs.
  • Punch Through - (5-hit combo) Five powerful twisting punches that keep pressing through the enemy's defense.
  • Flying Fist - (1-hit strike) A sort of finisher move that shouldn't be used in the beginning of a duel or match. The fighter jumps forwards and lets her fist plow into the opponent's face.

Buffs and Passive SkillsEdit

  • Rage - The caster gets into a frenzy status, making it's Health Regeneration higher then usual and damage received less damaging. Wears off after 10 seconds.
  • Odayakana Rage Mode - Unique skill given after mastered the Rage Skill Slot. Replaces Rage when acquired. As the caster suddenly gets a lot calmer, all of his skills gets a temporary upgrade. Ends after 2 minutes, but has a skill bar for itself of which it's usage increases the skill's length over time. Also makes the caster's weapons glow in a red color while its eyes glows in orange.
  • Fighter's Flame - The caster makes his weapons shine in a red glow, providing a damage boost. Can only be used with the Two-Handed Fist Fighting and Free Boxing Skill Slots.

Skills' level at floor 98Edit

-Level 97

-Health Points: 21000

SAO Skills
Two-Handed Fist Fighting Evasion Sprint Parry Detection
945 / 1000
980 / 1000
Dagger Reaction Speed Agility Fishing Odayakana Rage Mode
800 / 1000
975 / 1000
750 / 1000

Combat Skills and Magic (ALO)Edit

Race: Salamander

Fire Magic:

-Fireball (Offensive spell that launches a ball of fire that deals fire damage.)

-Fire-Ray (Offensive spell which creates a vicious, fast moving line of fire projected away from the caster)

-Fire Augmentation (Support spell that gives the caster's weapon fire damage by engulfing it into flames.)

-Tempest (Offensive spell that creates a series of fireballs in the air before sending them toward the target.)

-Meteor Strike (Offensive spell that creates a massive fireball before throwing it toward the target.)

-Odayakana Rage Mode (Support Rage spell that Fang strangely inherited back from SAO with the same calming effect. Only difference is the physical appearance, which makes his eyes now shine in orange while a flame burns on it's hair. In this mode, he can fly differently by bursting fire from his hands.)

-Flame Burst (Offensive spell that creates two waves of fire from the caster's hands toward the target. If it hits, an explosion is produced.)

-Flame Pillar (Offensive spell that makes the caster punch the ground, creating an orange circle under the target before a large flame collumn appears from it, producing heavy fire damage.)

-X-Burner (Offensive spell that makes the caster produce two waves of fire -- one behind and one in front -- in order to make the front one the most damaging as possible while stabilising the caster. Since the spell has a long casting, it is rarely used and the caster must be covered at all cost.)


Enhanced Strength (Race Attribute)

Hand-to-Hand Fighting Mastery:

-Valkyrie Strike (5-Hit Combo Attack): The caster launches the target in the air with an uppercut, jumps, hit it two times in the stomach to launch him further, launches it back toward the ground with a kick and land with a final punch, producing an automatic critical strike.

-Stunning Blow: The caster punches the target in the stomach and stuns it, leaving it free for another attack.

ALO Skills
Hand-to-Hand Fighting Mastery Fire Magic Evasion Parry Agility
945 / 1000
995 / 1000
Flight Mana Regeneration Detection Dagger Odayakana Rage Mode
975 / 1000
920 / 1000
850 / 1000

Starting EquipmentEdit

Sword Art Online (SAO)Edit

-Wooden Longsword

-2x health potions

-2 Warp Crystals

ALfheim Online (ALO)Edit

-Fighting Gloves

-x3 Health Potions

-x3 Mana Potions

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