Eran in SAO
Personal Info
Name Eran Shimato
Romanji Shimato Eran
Gender Male
Height 5"11
Eyes Dark brown
Hair Dirty Blonde
Unusual Features His striking resemblence to Inigo from FFire Emblem
Occupation High School Student
Player Profile
Display Name Eran
Romanji Eran
Epithet The Entertainer

The Go-Lucky Duelist

VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Duelist
Previous Occupation Swordsman
Affiliation Takeru



Partner Lyssa
Status Active
Unique Weapon Ice Crawler Broadsword

Name: Eran Shimato

Gender: Male

Appearance: Eran stands around 5' 11" inches tall with smooth light-brownish (or dark blonde) hair and a lean muscular build. His facial features match that of a Japanese-American, showing where his parents come from. (Mother from Japan, Father from America). Eran could be considered decently handsome, but nothing too major…Armor wise, Eran sports a custom made duelist armor that is colored with greys and greens and silvers…In battle, Eran is quite skilled with his straight sword, agile and quick albeit sometimes a bit too flashy for his own good.

Personality: Coming off as overly jovial, Eran can often be spotted with a bright smile plastered on his face. He finds joy in almost anything, even being stuck within Sword Art Online. He is quick with a joke and a grin, always more willing than others to assist another player if they are feeling down and out. Although, his humor does at points get him into trouble depending on what jokes he made at the time…All in all, Eran is a good soul, looking to do good where he can, at least up to a point…In addition, he at points comes off as an older-brother type of person.

Bio: Overall, Eran had a pretty more life outside of SAO. He was a decently liked guy at school, despite being labeled the class clown. He grew up in a middle-class family and thus he never was either poor or rich.

Character Class: Duelist / Paladin.

Weapons: - Steel Broadsword. (Later weapons – Hero's Blade, a unique steel broadsword).

Sword Skills:

- One-handed Straight Sword

- Light Metal Equipment

- Parry

- Sprint

- Acrobatics

- Battle Healing

- Emergency Recovery

Starter equipment/items: - Iron Sword, Duelist Outfit, Teleportation Crystal, 3x health potions.

(Character appearance reference, Inigo from Fire Emblem: Awakening).