A two-handed longsword dropped by Pluto on floor 62. It is a legendary weapon with immense power. It is owned by Kana of the Guardians.

This sword contains a special ability. It allows a user to do an additional 50% more damage on top of the original damage. Thus, if a player deals 100 base damage, the sword will add on an extra 50 damage for a total of 150. However, this sword is not without downsides. When wielded, the sword provides a high Hate Generation buff. Basically, the monsters will target the player using this sword more than other players. The second is a Unbalance debuff. It forces the user to be less balanced, tripping or stumbling after basic attacks. With sword skills, the user may even fall down due to the debuff.


A long two-handed weapon, Dying Breath contains an extended blade with a small design at the top. Its crossguard features what looks like a pair of bat wings. The rainguard has a strange monster design on it. The hilt is round and ridged so as to allow for better grip. The pommel is a pointed arrow shape. Overall, this sword carries with it a sort of gothic feel.


Dying Breath +0 Longsword / Two-Hands 

  • Range: Medium
  • Exotath-Sword of the Dark Elf-Agnemmel-KR0030A

    Dying Breath

  • Attack: 780-840
  • Durability: 1752
  • Weight: 156
  • Requires: 68

Equip + 79
Agility + 64
Strength + 56
Armor + 38

Estimated Dimensions

  • Blade Handle: 32.18 = 12.67' inches
  • Blade Length: 103.76 cm = 3' feet 4.85' inches