The Black Swordsman

Dual Blades is a Unique Skill in Sword Art Online. According to Heathcliff, who is in fact Kayaba Akihiko, this skill is awarded to the player with the fastest reaction time and the chosen player is supposed to be the one who will stand against the final boss (Heathcliff) on the 100th Floor in the Ruby Palace, regardless of the outcome of the said battle. It was awarded to Kirito for being judged to have had the fastest reaction speed in the game. In addition, it also has its own set of Sword Skills unique to it.

In Sword Art Online, Kirito wields Dark Repulser and Elucidator for this sword equip skill. After his Dark Repulser broke, he tried to use Asuna's Lambent Light in place of his broken sword, but did not use any skills with it.


  • Attack Speed: +80%
  • Reaction Speed: +100%
  • Attack Damage [Normal]: +150%
  • Attack Damage [Abilities]: +300%
  • Pierce [Normal]: +100%
  • Pierce [Abilities]: +200%
  • Critical Hit Rate: +75%
  • Critcal Hit Damage: +150%
  • Weapon Defense: +50%
  • Cooldown Time: -20%


  • Vorpal Pass - (1-hit strike) A heavy hitting strike that pushes Kirito pass at opponent as he lunges with one sword in a reverse grip.
  • X-Defense - (1-hit block) A skill that blocks one attack by crossing his swords. Cuts damage by 50%.
  • Double Circular - (2-hit combo) - A dash-type skill that swiftly attacks with the right and left sword consecutively.
  • X-Counter - (2-hit combo) A skill that blocks lightly with two swords and and then opens up to slash twice.
  • Close Shank - (2-hit combo) Blocks two attacks with both swords to step close and then reverses grip on sword to stab twice in the chest.
  • Triple Spinning Counter - (3-hit combo) Kirito parries twice and spins on the last hit to slash at the enemy's chest.
  • Sideways Glance - (3-hit combo) Kirito slides to the enemy's side, slashing twice and kicking off the ground to slash as he jumps away.
  • Spinning Wheel - (4-hit combo) A skill that Kirito uses to retreat backwards by spinning with his swords to slash vertically. The attacks slice in the same motion as a wheel.
  • Double Parry - (5-parries) A skill that parries five attacks using both swords.
  • Singular Parries - (7-parries) Fast single parries that uses attack to defend.
  • Starburst Stream - (16-hit combo) - A high-class dual-blades sword skill.
  • The Eclipse - (27-hit combo) - The second highest level dual-blades sword skill.
  • Orbital Comet - (36-hit combo) Kirito's ultimate skill that shows that he is the Attack Pillar. Strikes have high speed [relative to most other players] and high damage. They also consist of rising slashes followed by downwards ones.