This extra skill allows a player to take the form of any NPC. The user can copy body type, voice, clothing, movement and other things to literally become an NPC. A player can also change their cursor to imitate that of an NPC. This literally changes a player's appearance to that of an NPC along with copying the marker and name. Of course, there are drawbacks and limits.

First, this skill only lasts for five minutes. Second, this skill immediately drops the attack power of a player by 50%. If the player so deems to change their cursor along with their name, the skill reduces attack by 80%. This means that only assassination-type attacks will deal any damage. These are the skills that enact a critical when attacked behind. The attack would deal around 30-40% of the target's health depending on armor. Once a sword skill is activated, the disguise disappears. A debuff that reduces speed by 40% will be placed on the user for ten seconds. This allows the target to make their move.

At maxed level, the debuff is reduced to 30% and the damage increased to 50-60%.


A player must have the Hiding skill maxed. The player must also have completed a quest called «Two-Faced». The skill will then appear in the person's skill slot.


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