Details/Floor number.Edit

The Crystal Ice Palace is a castle based underground fortress underneath floor 9. Directly under the main town. Full of tunnels and really powerful monsters, makes it an ideal place for training in Evasion and leveling up.

Mobs level goes from thirty to thirty-four.

Recommended level before attempting to enter: 33

The first player to find the Crystal Ice Palace, was Syphon and Izumi Mataki.

The opening gates are protected by two huge Frost Golems, do NOT attempt to fight them until your at least level 30. (Beaten by Syphon at a level 26.)

In order to get there, you must go through 'The Tunnels of Doom'. A maze of tunnels that make it almost impossible to get to the Palace. Though, Syphon got through on his 13th attempt.

Mob informationEdit

Mini-Frost Golems: Level 31. EXP gained: Not showing. Col: 235 each kill.

Frost Wolves: Level 30. EXP gained: Not showing. Col: 127 each kill.

Demon Whisps: Level 34: EXP gained: Not showing. Col: 272 each kill.

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