The Bullet Queen
Personal Info
Name Maiko Narita
Kanji メーコ ナリタ
Romanji Narita Maiko
Birthday February 6, 2009
Age 14 (Start of Aincrad Arc)

16 (End of Aincrad Arc)

Gender Female
Height 165.1 cm
Weight 54.43 kg
Eyes Dark Brown (Real)

Teal (In-game)

Hair Sepia Brown (Real)

Cobalt (In-game)

Place of Residence Chiba, Japan
Occupation Middle School Student (Start of

High School Freshman (End of SAO arc)

Family Yasuhiro Terada (Father)

Eri Narita (Mother)

Hayao Narita (Eldest brother)

Seya Narita (Eldest Sister)

Satoru(Saito) Narita (Elder Brother)

Player Profile
Display Name Cobalt
Kanji コバルト
Romanji kobaruto
Epithet The Bullet Queen
VRMMORPGs Played Gun Gale Online

ALfheim Online

Inclement Online

Occupation Rifleman

Leader of the Carbine Queens

Affiliation Carbine Queens
Partner SexySniper
Base of Operations SBC Glocken
Status Active
Primary Skill AGI (Agility)
Unique Weapon The Siren (Ak 5)

Maiko Narita (,Maiko) a character made by "xDenshax" on, is the youngest of the Narita family. She wasn't in SAO and waited day in and out for her brother and sister to return, the time in between then made her more serious about her studies and more frugal with her friendships. She's an active player of Gun Gale Online and is known as Cobalt, leader of the Carbine Queens. She also has an ALfheim Online Account.


Real Life

Standing at 5 feet 5 in chest, Maiko initially isn't that tall, though not as short as other girls either, the height being moderate for someone her age. Just like her brother, and most others in her family, Maiko has dark brown hair. Her hair used to be long, however she cut it to shoulder length and straightened it since her brother's arrival back to the real world. She has happy and energetic brown eyes just under neat brown eyebrows. Working for a modeling agency, Maiko is usually seen wearing stylish clothing and what not. However, she usually only does this to promote her company, and wears normal clothing when home or off-shoot. More normally she's seen with her school uniform on.

Gun Gale Online

In Gun Gale Online, Maiko takes on a completely different appearance. Under the alias of "Cobalt", her hair is much shorter than before, comming up in a bob cut like style on at the front and shorter at the back. She has two tufts of hair coming down from either sides of her face. She also dyes her hair a cobalt blue, emphasizing her name. She usually wears a black cloak under her gear, which is basically a skin tight black battle suit. She has black boots and a dark grey zipped up vest covering the outline of her bust. Her eyes are now also teal in color and her facial expressions are much more serious as they are outside the game.

ALfheim OnlineEdit

In ALO, Maiko dubbed her name to Mai as she didn't have any real creative ability to change it up at that moment, her race in ALfheim Online is an gnome, she didn't want anything fancy as she was just trying out the game at first, but later on she almost regretted her decision to choose the Earth fairy race. Later on though she learned to love her Gnome appearance and outfit. She is dressed the same colors Agil has with his gear. Her jacket comes down to her waist and is all the way opened with green latches on one side and openings on the other, the whole jacket has gold outlines. Her bottom piece consists of a deep green knee length covering that is connected to her waist by a gold buckle, the covering has gold outlines and designs on it, mtching the jacket she has. She finally finishes her outfit with deep green tights under a brown skirt and deep brown adventure type boots with straps. Her hair in the game is also a deep brownish gold and her eye color is a bright green, her skin color becoming tanner.


From a glance, one could tell that Maiko has a happy air about her. Her first name meaning "dancing child" Maiko is a very energetic and outgoing young woman. She loves to be involved in many things, having joined her school's soccer team just like her elder brother. She's fun-loving, expressive, naive, high-spirited, and enthusiastic. She's a typical optimist, always making sure her friends or anyone she's with look on the brighter side of things, even if situations are deathly grim. This is what people admire most about her and what naturally gravitates them towards her.

However in Gun Gale Online, Maiko's personality, just like her appearance, changes drastically. She is much more quiet than her real world counterpart, usually having a serious expression across her features. She did this to make sure no one knew of her in real life, determining to stay as far away from her regular personality as possible. Due to this, she's a stern and somewhat cold woman, usually shouting orders and getting things done, pushing away feelings in order to get the job done. Her squadron, the Carbine Queens were hand picked by her to join. THough they don't know Cobalt's real identity, and she wants it to stay that way.


Maiko is the youngest of the Narita family. And due to this, she's been monikered the "baby" of the family. Even so, her mother, being a police detective, made sure her daughter knew of dangers of the outside world at a young age, just as she did with all of her other children. Maiko learned self defense and disarming techniques from her mother from the time she was five years of age. There wasn't any special martial arts training, just enough to make sure she'd be okay on her own without her elder brothers, sister, or mother around. Maiko took a bit of everything from her elder siblings. Seya's practicality and intelligence, Satoru's perceptiveness and adaptability, and Hayao's laid-back and easy-going outlook on life.

This all-together helped her throughout her school years. In middle school she was able to resolve many conflicts between her friends, her optimistic attitude and observance of her friends abled her to cool many heated arguments and make sure they were on the same page int he end. This plus her natural beauty which she garnered from her mother, though gentler so, rocketed her to popularity in high school. She initially didn't want to join any sports clubs of any sort like her elder brother. However, when he became trapped within Sword Art Online, Maiko made it her responsibility to keep on her brother's "legacy", trying out and ultimately becoming a star striker/forward for her school's soccer team. She was also an excellent student, Seya's pressing on and making sure that Maiko studied everyday made sure she was an excellent student.

Throughout the two years her brother was locked away within the death game, Maiko's work ethic increased, and she was the second highest in her class by the end of her sophmore year of highschool. Since Satoru's return to the real world, Maiko had been in touch with a modeling agency, due to her "natural beauty" as the owner of the company had stated. Even though her mother made sure Maiko didn't do anything but go to her job and head home or be with someone that the mother knew personally, Maiko made friends at the agency. To her surprise,the girls and boys she met there weren't as stuck up as she thought they'd be, many of them being down to earth students and adults like her.

Soon enough, Maiko started to gain a morbid curiosity for the virtual world her brother had been previously locked inside. She wondered how it felt to be another person inside game? She'd heard the stories her brother had told, however, she wanted to know for herself. Of course it took much persuasion and pleading to her mother, but one day, she finally gave in, telling her if the girl didn't come out by dinner every night that she'd go in there after her. Maiko thanked her mother happily and soon enough purchased the AmuSphere for herself. Instead of buying ALfheim Online as she initially wanted, she found herself having purchased a copy of Gun Gale Online, having gravitated to it for some reason. When she slipped on the AmuSphere and calibrated herself, she made it a point of duty to reinvent herself. During her avatar creation, she chose an appearance that greatly differed from her real life one, as well a s anew personality. Thus, Bullet Queen, Cobalt was born.


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  • Maiko is said to bear a strong resemblance to Yui Hirasawa from K-ON
  • In GGO, Maiko's hair color is actually cobalt, which matches her game ID.

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