Cana Strivia
Personal Info
Name Cana Strivia
Birthday Unknown
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 5"7
Weight 137 lbs
Place of Residence Kyoto, Japan
Marital Status Single
Player Profile
Display Name Castri
Epithet The First Knightess
Occupation Knightess of the Round Table, Guild Member, Party Member
Affiliation Knights of the Round Table
Partner Lancelot
Previous Partner Haruo Tsubasa
Base of Operations Floor 24, Panareze
Status Active

Castri is a member of the Knights of the Round Table, and is one of the 10,000 players trapped within Sword Art Online. She is an original character created by Kazuyuki.

Appearance Edit

Castri is of average height, standing at 5"7, although her heels boost her up by about 3 inches, bringing her up to 5"10. She has an average build, and retains curvature throughout her body. She has flowing black hair which is matched by her dark eyes, which seem almost navy.

In-game, Castri manages to obtain an extravagant armor, which is dubbed «Elegant Covering». Her arms are plated with silk and steel, layered over each other several times, in a metallic grey-and-blue color scheme. In fact, this color scheme is recurring throughout her entire armor set. She has several objects that tie back her thick black hair, and she wears some jewelry above her forehead as well.

Her shoulder protectors connect to a metallic choker, which lies directly above Castri's silk blue-and-white blouse. At her waist, she wears a metallic belt which is attached to a skirt made of metal plates and a veil of silk. She also wears a chain mail strip under her waist, and wears white pants with several straps, guards, and plates around them. And finally, she dons a two-sided cape (which consists of white and blue), as well as steel heels. Several components of her armor are intricately detailed with gold or yellow, and overall, the armor is lightweight, but also great for defensive purposes.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

Sword Art Online Edit

Aincrad Arc Edit

Equipment & Items Edit

Starter Equipment & Items Edit

  • «Steel Rapier»
  • «One-Handed Straight Steel Sword»
  • «Teleport Crystal»
  • «Healing Elixir»
  • «Blue Top»
  • «Blue Skirt»

Later Weapons Edit

  • «Elegant Egotist»

Later Armor Edit

  • «Elegant Covering»

Abilities Edit

Floor 75 Edit

Skills Edit

Castri's Skill Slots
One-Handed Rapier One-Handed Straight Sword One-Handed Dagger Blade Throwing Detection
Acrobatics Sprint Listening Tracking Hiding
760 / 1000
870 / 1000
930 / 1000
X-Ray Vision Night Vision N/A N/A N/A
830 / 1000
590 / 1000

Buffs Edit

Weapon Skill Slots Edit

Relationships Edit

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