The BTGProject (Bridging the Gap), are a collective group of like-minded writers, who've banded together to give you all a few good reads. Our goal is to add in elements that were lost in famous works, ranging from popular anime, to television series, to even your favorite books or comics.

We're here to "bridge the gap" between what really happened, and what they think could've happened as well. Who knows? You may even see some original works as well. Everything we produce here are works of fiction, mostly of the "fanfiction" variety.

We're happy to present to you the ideas we've written down, and we hope you read them with as much enjoyment as we had writing them.


  • Sword Art Online: Untold
    • The Wandering Dragon
  • Iwagakure's Diamond in the Rough
  • Amber Alert
  • Minor to Major
  • 6Sense
  • KHR: Koete


  1. Densha
  2. Stormbreaker
  3. Wubstep
  4. Xephyrr

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