Personal Info
Name Rhys Lone
Kanji リース
Romanji Rīsu
Birthday 15th of May 2005
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 6.7ft
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Occupation Store Clerk
Family Mother and Sister
Player Profile
Display Name Avery
Kanji エイブリー
Romanji Eiburī
Epithet The Cowboy Samurai
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online

ALfheim Online Gun Gale Online

Occupation Frontliner
Affiliation Saito


Status Active
Primary Skill One-handed Katana
Unique Skill Dual Katana Weilding
Unique Weapon The Oppressor & The Defender


Avery is a cocky guy, He likes to crack jokes when he's with his friends and some times to try and shoften a sharp situation. He's often found napping with his hat over his face and a bottle of his favorite ginger-ale in his hand in the local inn/tavern.

However, During battle his tone changes from a laughing and happy type to a determinded and focused mindset. Ready to engage what ever enemy lays in front of him. Avery is also an incredible strategist, Well known among the frontlines for his quick thinking and easy to execute plans


Avery or in real-life known as Rhys. Stands 6 feet 7 inches which is quite normal for his age, He has a well toned body though he never works out which means the shape of his torso had probably come from his job as a store clerk. Rhys's hair is rather long and black, he keeps it tied up in a pony tail to keep it from getting into his face or having to constantly flip his head back. His eyes are bright blue and glisten in the sunlight frequently with the addition of a scar that runs across his right eye although he has perfect vision. He has a medium complextion when it comes to his skin, A little lighter coloured when he is without a shirt.

In reality, Rhys is often seen wearing a white short sleeve/long sleeve shirt with either blue or black jeans and a pair of black and white sneakers,

During the summer he swaps his jeans for a more approriate attire, A pair of cargo shorts or jean shorts. It does not matter to him, A pair of flip flops and just a regular T-shirt of any colour.

During winter, Rhys wears a long tan bomber jacket with a hood, His jeans are back with either black or blue and now two pairs of either brown or black boots.

When he first starts SAO he is wears a brown and black  sweat shirt, Long baggy-like pants and a pair of starter boots. His weapon of course was the rusted Katana which everyone started with when they picked the Katana wielder class.

On Floor 12. Avery is found wearing a long brown trench-coat with no buttons, a long sleeved shirt which is coloured in dark tan, dark brown pants. a pair of cowboy like boots, And his signature brown cowboy hat. His weapon at the time was custom made and called Elegance. Its hilt was black with red X crossing along the shaft of the hilt and at the end was a pendant with a small ember like symbol that dangeled from it, The blade was long and sharp, It glistened in the sunlight much like his eyes.

On Floor 25, Avery is now wearing a new improved trenchcoat with armour plates on his shouldering and arms, He wears a silver steel chestguard and His legs are now armoured plated just like his coat as well as his boots. across his chest he has two holsters for two small crossbows. which can be loaded with an assortment of status effect bolts as well as regular steel bolts. Along his belt are pouches where he keeps his bolts on hand, They refill after being emptied with the bolts that are in his inventory automatically thanks to the Sword Art Online game engine. Moving to his sword which has now been replaced with one of the most rarest swords that can be found. It is called the Seeker of Evil and it's entire blade is coloured in red which somewhat glows in daylight and turns crimson red in dark area's. The hilt tip is circular with the shaft having red and white X lacing. And even now still wearing his cowboy hat 


Born Christopher Cade Lone on the 15/5/2004. His name soon became Rhys as it was much shorter and less higher class to his ears. Rhys lives with his mother and little sister Mikaya after his Father passed away in 2017

During his younger years. Rhys attended Makowai Middle School where he became fond of computers at a young age. He was facisnated at how they worked and how they were able to process so much data in a mere matter of seconds. He ended up being the one kid of the class who would sit at a computer for hours and hours on end just playing around with the hardware. He even managed to get into trouble a couple of times for taking computers apart.during lunchtime.

It wasn't until he became a senior at School when he got into gaming. Playing an assortment of videogames and what not. Anything he could get his hands on, He would play and beat within the course of two weeks.Rhys never had much friends. So he would usually be locked up in his room with his headphones on, Playing whatever the latest game was for the next week or so. One day tradegy struck when Rhys's father was admitted to the hospital for lung cancer. He went through every treatment they had but the following year on July 2nd. Rhys's father passed away during the cold swift air of the night.

3 years later and Rhys is now a highschool senior. Top of his class and hard working. He barely talked to anyone and always finished his work before anyone else. Taking his free time to nap by either faceplanting the desk or placing an open book on his face. Unfortunately due to the loss of his Father, Rhys had to get a job as a store clerk to pay his share of the bills. Of course he didn't mind this, it also helped him fuel his gaming habits.

After finding a YouTube video about the latest in gaming technology he smiled to himself when the NerveGear was announced. Finally he would be able to experience a game instead of being stuck behind the screen of one. One of the most popular and talked about games at the time was Sword Art Online. It was set to release in the coming months so he decided to sign up for Beta testing.

Unfortunately due to money issues. Sacrifices had to be made and his internet connection was shut off for the remaining months of the Beta, Completely un-aware that he was accepted to join the fun. So instead Avery was stuck with playing Single Player NerveGear games that either came with the console or he bought himself.

Soon enough. The launch of Sword Art Online came and Rhys had already preordered it months back after signing up for the Beta. It arrived in the mail on the same day as release and finally he would be able to play a VRMMORPG. Unknown to him that the moment he installed the game and placed that NerveGear on his head. He would not be waking up for the next two years of his life

Equipment and ItemsEdit

Current Equipment

  • Samurai Master's Armoured Trenchcoat
  • Samurai Master's Armoured Leggings.
  • Samurai Master's Armoured Chestplate
  • Samurai Master's Armoured Boots
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Mathon Leather Hide Holster Belts.
  • Two Small Ebony-Wood Crossbows.
  • Six Pouch Belt.
  • 10x Smoke Bombs
  • 10x Flash Bombs
  • 10x Explosives
  • 200x Steel Crossbow Bolts.
  • 50x Parayzing Bolts
  • 50x Posion Bolts.
  • Katana: Seeker of Evil Rare Weapon
  • Hidden Leg Combat Knife


  • 1x Teportation Crystal.
  • 10x Heath Crystals
  • 10x Rolls of Paper
  • 1x Feather Tip Pen
  • 5x Bottles of Ink


Sword Art Online (Floor 75)Edit


  • Rising Sun (1-Hit) A powerful upward thrusting slash that sends an opponent into the air, Possible skillfully used for juggling.
  • Samurai's Honor (1-Hit) User sheathes his blade. Allowing the skill to charge up before unsheathing the blade and running right through the opponent 
  • Cowboy Quickshot (2-Hit) User fires two crossbow bolts with an increased speed effect. May cause Stagger.
  • Shogun Combo (6-Hit) Standard 6 hit Combo with a medium chance of staggering the opponent
  • Pinwheel Dart (12-Hit) A powerful Cooperative move that can be used with one or two other players. User takes a running start before leaping into the air and spinning themselve at a high speed. During this attack, The Player/s will activate their own sword skills. This will create a large spinning blur of an assortment of colours. After 30 seconds, User will cease to spin and will become staggered for 10 seconds. This will render the player defenceless

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