Angelo Credo is a half demon half angel boss that resides within the 50th floor labyrinth. He was defeated by the frontline clearers as they made their way to the boss room.



Angelo Credo

Angelo is a pure blue monster. He has two wings that allow him to float and flutter in the air. He has strange tufts coming from his head. His eyes are pure blue and his upper body is covered in what looks like feathers. He has a dark blue chest that reveals his inner demon. For feet, he has talons. A tale is attached to his rear. Finally, he wields a long broadsword.


Being part angel, Angelo Credo can float in the air with his wings. He can also use one of them as a shield, blocking the attacks of enemies. His sword can use various skills not unlocked to players. Other than his wing and sword, Angelo Credo is a rather basic boss compared to the other creatures on higher floors.