(un)heralded is a fan-based story created by Dennys. The story follows the lives of Satoru Narita and Reiha Takagi as they traverse the world of Sword Art Online. (un)heralded was created to bridge the gap between what could've been expanded in the LNs, Anime, and Progressive novels, with what actually occurred. Due to this, (un)heralded will be concurrent with the canon storyline.

Plot OverviewEdit

To be unheard of, despite your incredible achievements, to have stayed in the background, whilst those in the forefront received the credit, this is the life of Satoru Narita, a high school student who managed to get his hands on Sword Art Online, the game that changed his life, as well as many others. Watch as these esoteric heroes, come together and change their futures, forever.


Aincrad ArcEdit

The First Week (sub-arc)Edit

  1. Prologue 



Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Ichiru Tainaka